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Easy Riser

Easy Riser is the world’s smartest alarm clock: we’ll wake you up earlier when the traffic or weather is bad.

Maximise your sleeping time. We monitor real-time traffic and weather reports to give you extra time in the morning. Not too early, not too late. Keep the jam for your morning toast not traffic.

Works for even the deepest sleepers.

Take public transit? Drive? Bike? Walk? Is it raining? Foggy? Snowing? Freezing? Optimise your alarms for any trip you take.

The app will wake you up earlier
– if the traffic is slower than usual;
– If there was too much snow overnight and you’d need to spend extra time cleaning up the car (very true for snowstruck Canada).
– If there was an incident on the road
– If the public transport is off
– If the hurricane/typhoon/volcanic eruption is expected 😉