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Start building more valuable connections. Convey™ is your secret weapon for keeping in touch with the most valuable people in your life. Turn static contacts into live, dynamic connections so once you’re in touch, you’re always in touch. • Always up-to-date and accurate your connections are instantly updated as soon as their information changes •… Read more »


Taper is my first Android app. While constantly browsing android games I have noticed a clear deficiency of focus increasing apps. Most of them actually were counterproductive. This is why I decided to add real life interaction to my game. Now user can become aware of passing seconds, while playing a game! The mechanics of… Read more »


myPlanit is an early stage tech start-up. myPlanit mobile app launched Jan 2017 and is in the App Store. myPlanit is a geotemporal platform and mobile/web application to record and visualize your life experiences across time and place. Our new app, myPlanit, connects your events, location, contacts and photos automatically, in one place, keeping it… Read more »

Gif Maker – Video to GIF

Gif Maker, Video to GIF helps to create animated gif pictures from video. Convert your video to animated GIF picture and make your own beautiful gif art pictures. The Coolest iPhone App Gif Maker immediately converts your video to inspired gifs. Turn your video clip for making GIF pictures especially sharing on social media sites…. Read more »

ZPOCK began with a simple mission to give online readers a single source of news that pulled in the big, juicy, relevant headlines from more news sources than one can surf in a limited time. With time being the sole limitation, there is more news on the internet today than anyone can reasonably digest. ZPOCK… Read more »