Startups by tag: productivity

SELECT – Rethink Social

Social media decay is all around us. What we once used to augment our reality has become it: spammy posts, #hashtag popularity contests, profile facades. You are worth more than your stockpile of “friends”. Your relationships deserve better than meaningless “likes”. SELECT is your personal network, a completely redesigned social space for real human connection…. Read more »


A smart task manager built for easy collaboration Sendtask is the easiest way to collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place – even if they don’t have an account. Sendtask removes the barriers to effective collaboration. Manage your personal and work projects with ease. Sendtask lets you do all this for free:… Read more »


Manipulist is a suite of web apps which can save you hours on daily tasks! It is mainly thought for professionals, programmers, digital marketers and growth hackers which spend most of their time on web-based tasks and risk to waste much of it of unnecessary tasks which Manipulist apps can sort in seconds! Visit… Read more »


momentum is a new approach, implementing a workflow to get things done. Designed to clear up time and space for your vision, goals, projects and very next steps to get there (…nothing new so far). Build on latest technology like PWA, ServiceWorker and encryption to make it secure and available on every device (…getting better)… Read more »


Niftio is a new presentation platform that aims to help any presenter master the art of presentations from the moment he creates the slides to the moment he gets off the stage. Niftio’s designer-made presentation templates paired with its content library make the creation of the slides fun and easy, while the smart pointer and… Read more »


myPlanit is an early stage tech start-up. myPlanit mobile app launched Jan 2017 and is in the App Store. myPlanit is a geotemporal platform and mobile/web application to record and visualize your life experiences across time and place. Our new app, myPlanit, connects your events, location, contacts and photos automatically, in one place, keeping it… Read more »


Taskade is a simple to-do list and task manager. You can instantly make a list and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. Use Taskade to capture your ideas, goals, and daily tasks. Simple, clean, and beautifully designed with relaxing themes and backgrounds. Taskade declutters your thoughts so you can focus on your tasks,… Read more »


Junto is team management software that focuses on repeating tasks rather than lots of one-off projects like most task managers do. It’s got file sharing functionality (dropbox integration) and screen monitoring as well. Junto was started by two brothers who were both pretty fed up trying to use software like Asana to manage some projects… Read more »