Startups by tag: shopping

Discreet Drop

Discreet Drop is the only way to guarantee 100% discreet shipping on any package, from any seller. Discreet Drop offers a way to cover up any and all logos, return labels, packing slips, customs forms, and holes in the packaging so nobody but you will be able to figure out what’s in your private packages…. Read more »


A cloud-hosted checkout cart solution that lets you easily turn any website into a shop. Generate buttons, links and widgets that convert page visitors or social media followers into shoppers. Accept payments through PayPal, Stripe and Bitcoin from over 180 countries worldwide. Complex online storefront solutions and marketplaces which nickel and dime you with fees… Read more »

Price Adjust

GET MONEY BACK ON YOUR PURCHASES We automatically track your purchases and when you’re owed money back, we’ll help you get it. Sign up with your email and PriceAdjust handles everything else. STORES ACROSS THE COUNTRY KEEP MONEY THAT BELONGS TO YOU. LET’S GET IT BACK TOGETHER! Hate it when you buy a product only… Read more »