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SELECT – Rethink Social

Social media decay is all around us. What we once used to augment our reality has become it: spammy posts, #hashtag popularity contests, profile facades. You are worth more than your stockpile of “friends”. Your relationships deserve better than meaningless “likes”. SELECT is your personal network, a completely redesigned social space for real human connection…. Read more »


A new social network for musicians to share their music with the world and rise through our charts. We give in depth statistics to when your music is played, where in the world it is played and more! Listeners can also join to create playlists, embed music on their sites and download music if made… Read more »


Tournac is a Travel Social Network connecting travellers seeking authentic travel experience meet other travellers and share their travel experience. Maybe you’re a solo traveller, a backpacker or maybe you’re not even travelling right now but would love to meet other travellers near you? It doesn’t matter what type of traveller you are. With Tournac… Read more »

Social Animal

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